Car Accessories: 5 Awesome Gadgets You Can Buy Under $25

Car Accessories: 5 Awesome Gadgets You Can Buy Under $50

Whether you like it or not, your car will reflect your taste, personality, and style. If your car feels a little bit too boring, there are a lot of ways that you can spruce it up, with some help of some awesome gadgets that are well priced. Without much ado, below we provided 5 items you should consider:

Car Scratches Remover

Car Scratches Remover can help you a lot to fix scratches from cars efficiently. This is especially if you drive in the city where there are endless possibilities of getting scratched. There is the need to make sure that you get the best car scratch remover.

You can be benefited with Car Scratches Remover in these ways:

  • Clean scratch efficiently
  • Easily identify and fix scratches
  • Make your car more attractive
  • Polish scratches where you wish
  • Repair your car paint as you like

Remove scratches in shortest possible time, slight marks and other scratches on the paint surface. Apply this product to the surface to be treated to eliminate these symptoms. With Car Scratches Remover you can quickly remove the slight scratches on the surface of the paint, bird droppings and other serious pollution, effectively protecting car paint and prevent oxidation and other phenomena. You not only can repair car paint but also polish and protect your car paint. it is very easy for operation and use. In addition, it is perfect and quick for repair car paint dent or scratch.

Car Wheel Rim Protector

With Car Wheel Rim Protectors you can ensure your rims stay in great shape. These rims are made from flexible, tough and shock absorbent material that’s fitted to your car by using high bond double sided foam.

You can grab these benefits with Car Wheel Rim protector:

  • Save cost and time from changing rims or repairing damages from accidents
  • Most careful driver use this. So you can use it without any hesitation
  • Protect your car from different weather conditions for a long period
  • Even if you are non-car-savvy car owner can install this efficiently
  • Create a more visually appealing effect to your car wheel rims
  • Easily install and get a professionally made output
  • No need to remove tires to place protection
  • Choose from different stylish colors
  • Protects the rims from curb scrapes
  • Keeps the wheel rims slick-looking
  • You can use most car wheel rims
  • place rim protection discreetly

How to install the Sticker?

  1. Clean up the area where the strip is to be installed. Be very careful and make sure it’s dry and that no dirt or oil on the surface.
  2. Easily Wipe the edge of the wheel hub with alcohol and let it dry.
  3. Once the surface is ready, check where to place the strip and to estimate the length you need.
  4. Press the strip firmly after it is ready to be installed. Carefully remove the protective paper at the back of the strip.
  5. Then Slowly move along the edge where the strip is to be placed while pulling protective paper along.
  6. Finally, Cut the excess strip and give another firm press to ensure the whole strip is properly installed.

Premium Car Door Protector

Premium Car Door Protector ensure your stay in great shape. using high double-sided and will protect your car door from scratches, abrasion, wear, dent and chips

Get these benefits with Premium Car Door Protector:

  • Gift your nearest car lover friends and family members
  • Protect the car surface for further damages
  • Polish scratches where you wish
  • Make your car more attractive
  • Repair your car paint as you like
  • Clean scratch efficiently

Made of high-quality ABS and PVC, and partial plating on the surface to increase hardness, and prevent wear. Use risk-free Super duty double-sided 3M tape on the back, super sticky, durable and waterproof, easy to install. Thickened super duty protector will protect your car door from scratches, abrasion, wear, dent and chips.

Stylish, novel and exquisite workmanship will give your car door an additional luxury decoration, beautiful and elegant. Three colors (black, grey, white) available, choose the suitable one which best fits the color of your vehicle. Luxury and dynamic design can fit with most cars, trucks, and SUVs.

How to Install Premium Car Door Protector

  1. Use the cloth to clean your car door
  2. Align guards close to the edge of the door
  3. Peel off the red tape cover and stick it to the door
  4. Do not wash your car within 24 hours after the installation process

Dual USB Car Charger

Dual USB Car Charger will help you to charge USB compatible devices anywhere in the car. Use your devices where you want. No worries about device power consumption.

Make your car journey more enjoyable in these ways:

  • Get protection against over-current, overcharging, overheating and high temperature
  • Save money on charging different USB compatible devices with a universal charger
  • Charge anywhere in the car with this awesome portable Dual USB Car Charger
  • Charge two devices simultaneously at full speed
  • Increase your productivity
  • Easy to use

Special Features:

  1. Enjoy Smart Phone Car Charger LED Screen Display 5V/3.4A
  2. Carry Adapter Cigar Lighter DC 5V 3.4A Car Charger in traveling
  3. Fast Car Charger For iPhone 6 7 5S For Xiaomi/Huawei
  4. Easily apply to Android IOS System Mobile Phones Tablet PC USB
  5. Awesome Universal Charger for Samsung Galaxy S7/S6/Edge, LG
  6. Phone Charger for LG G5 Samsung Nexus 6P Smartphone etc.
  7. Very Quick Charge With Voltage/Current Digital LED Display

Car-Air Freshener

At present, Car air fresheners have been around for ages and almost anyone has one inside their cars. IIn fact, just like any other type of air fresheners, car air fresheners are designed to keep the car smelling nice at all times and to rid the car of any nasty odors that might otherwise make the drive less enjoyable.

One of the most essential accessories for your car is the best car air freshener. It is such a pleasant feeling to own a car of your own; the entire family celebrates the homecoming of a new car. The car perfumes keep unwelcomed bad odor out of your car.

Adding the best car perfume to your car is complete bliss, it gives you an energizing and fresh smell throughout your travel. The car perfumes help you get rid of these unwelcome odors and enhance the fragrance inside the car.

Benefits you can get by using Car-Air Freshener:

  • Does your monotonous house make you bored every time you go home? Have you ever thought that decorating your house is a new interesting hobby? car decoration is willing to give you many interesting ideas for your house.
  • Car decoration easily attracts your guests to your home because it’s beautiful, unique and modern to create your own style.
  • Just focus on what you want to do. Because the material of the product is completely safe for its users. In subsequent, This has been confirmed through the positive feedbacks of our customers.
  • Car decoration is extremely easy to use in any situation, every scene, with many objects … Does that make you more interested in this product?
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